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A passion for supporter loyalty inspired The Chase Index

Updated: May 26

About Loyalty’s Richard Spencer explains how a shared passion for people’s emotional connections with charities inspired The Chase Index.

Apply to join The Chase Index by 15 June to be part of our Autumn 2023 intake!

When Roger and I embarked on our mission to help every charity measure and improve supporter loyalty, we created a service called The Chase Index.

You will have heard us talk (a lot!) about Loyalty and its three main drivers: commitment, satisfaction and trust.

You have also probably heard us talk about the hundreds and thousands of supporters we have researched, seeking to understand what drives their emotional connection and ultimately what encourages them to support charities in more ways and for longer.

It’s this (growing) mountain of evidence and insight that sits right at the heart of The Chase Index, providing charities with the confidence to make focused changes to grow loyalty and support.

And I really hope that you’ve seen some of the many case studies that we’ve shared, demonstrating how charities have used The Chase Index to measure loyalty, take action to grow their supporter base and see their results improve.

Check out these examples CRUK here, Diabetes UK here, Shelter here and The Leprosy Mission here

If you have a few more minutes to spare, then you could download our report here (for free!) which will give you a glimpse into the definitive research that has given us the ability to measure and therefore grow supporter loyalty. It also gives bite-size insights into the impact this has had on some of the brilliant charities we’re working with.

We’re hugely proud of the charities in our membership community, and we’ve had 10 new charities join The Chase Index as members in the last year.

Membership of The Chase Index provides a full year of service, helping to grow loyalty and support, and therefore income. We conduct a full loyalty audit, with comprehensive research into each charity’s supporters. With this foundation, we’re able to diagnose and identify the drivers, prioritise actions and help implement practical plans to grow loyalty.

We (About Loyalty) do all the hard work behind the scenes and make sure that the time our members spend together, or with us is focused on taking action and growing loyalty.

It really is that straightforward! So what are you waiting for?!

Register your interest to join The Chase Index *by 15 June* to be part of our Autumn 2023 intake.

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