COVID-19 Sentiment Tracker

Updated: 3 days ago


We’re being asked daily about the impact of the coronavirus crisis on supporters and what this means for loyalty and charitable giving.

In response, we have created The COVID-19 Sentiment Tracker to help charities learn rapidly how it is affecting attitudes, impacting giving, and how and when that is changing.

It is vital for all charities now to:

  1. Quantify the inevitable impact on all support and income streams.

  2. Understand how to adapt communications and fundraising programmes.

We're in a fast changing environment and The Sentiment Tracker will give you timely and accurate information on which to base your decisions.

We're launching the fieldwork NOW! and The Sentiment Tracker will run (initially at least) for the next four weeks.

If you want to take part, email or call and we’ll set you up. 07929 208848 07703 483220

Robust research

We are working with Kokoro Global our respected partners with whom we run our loyalty benchmarking service that has now surveyed over 130,000 charity supporters.

The Sentiment Tracker will include:

  • A nationally representative sample of 2,500.

  • Specifically including nearly 1,500 charity donors.

  • Initially for 4 weeks.

  • Fieldwork (online survey) conducted every Thursday to Sunday.

  • Toplines available every Monday.

  • Full report every Tuesday.

Questions in The Sentiment Tracker will cover:

  • Overall sentiment towards coronavirus plus the way the government, local councils, charities, media and brands are dealing with it.

  • Feelings associated with the virus? Is it all about a need to feel safe/regain control? Is it bringing families together? How are money worries playing out? Is it affecting attitudes to community: creating a community spirit vs. encouraging people to shut themselves away.

  • Which brands are getting the communications wrong/right?

  • Thoughts on the role of charities at the moment. Which causes are most relevant/important? (Housing and homelessness, children’s, elderly, health, international, animals, local causes, arts etc.)

  • Whether it’s affecting their likelihood of supporting charities.

  • We’ll ask specific questions about attitudes towards supporting those charities that have signed up to the tracker.

  • We’ll add questions as the epidemic unfolds. And in response to feedback from subscribers.

  • How it’s affected them personally (not infected, infected now and recovered).

  • How it’s affecting them financially (worried about job/income etc).

  • Consumer profiling questions.

Please let us know ASAP so that we can include you from the start. 07929 208848 07703 483220

P.S. Whether you’re focusing on your short-term messaging or trying to estimate the long term effects on income. Or maybe you want to be the first to know when attitudes start to change. Whatever your most pressing concerns, I think this could be an important planning tool over the next few weeks.

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