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How Barnardo’s are growing the loyalty of their newest donors

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Not all supporters will feel the same, and there will be different levels of loyalty across the file.

By measuring loyalty, it becomes possible to create a targeted approach to building loyalty and identifying the most important areas to focus on.

Barnardo’s discovered that the lowest loyalty was found in their newest supporters.

Commitment in this group was particularly low when compared with other charities. And, as may be expected, this is where retention was lowest.

Face-to-face recruited donors were identified as the priority segment where loyalty was low, and the potential to increase income was highest.

Barnardo’s used their insight into what creates loyalty for these donors to re-invent their welcome programme, creating an entirely new welcome journey.

They even created a brand specifically for their welcome communications, 'Take My Hand', to reinforce to the donor that real change will be created by working together over time to change children’s lives.

Since implementing this new journey, open rates to communications have increased, more people are engaging and retention rates are higher.

"The insights from the research enabled us to identify and focus on the supporters where there is most to be gained. Seeing loyalty, engagement and retention rates all growing has given us the confidence to now focus on other groups.”

Nicolle Porter

Individual Giving Manager – Stewardship, Barnardo’s

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