It's still all about the experience

Download the COVID-19 Sentiment Tracker summary week 05

Since before lockdown, we've been tracking consumer confidence, public sentiment and charity supporter behaviour in relation to COVID-19.

One of the questions we've been asking is:

"Please indicate how important you think the role of each of the following types of charity is at the moment - versus before the virus."

You'd probably expect there to be some favourability towards causes that align more intuitively with the direct and immediate threats of COVID-19.

And we've seen this.

However, two things have surprised me:

  1. The scale of the shift in favourability. Frankly, it's huge. A score of 100% in the chart above means that everyone believes the cause to be more important now. Some of our causes are hitting nearly 80%. It's a big swing.

  2. The fact that this shift hasn't moved. We've been tracking this sentiment for over six weeks now and the shift hasn't budged. Yes, there have been some wobbles and a couple of exceptions, but by and large this change looks pretty set. For the moment.

We've been looking at the last month and a half or so of results and exploring what this means for the sector and what charities can do about it.

[spoiler alert: it's still all about the experience!]

Read about the results and find out more by downloading the latest insight briefing on COVID-19 and charities here.

Download the COVID-19 Sentiment Tracker summary week 05

Many thanks and keep safe.


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