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Public Sentiment Tracker

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

NOW CLOSED - our Tracker completed its two-year programme on 31.03.2022

All around us lives are changing. Concerns over COVID-19 are abating, if not completely disappearing, but financial worries and unemployment fears are emerging. On a personal level, many people have rediscovered simple pleasures and we have been reminded of the importance of our local community.

So how is all this affecting the charities and causes we care about? How is giving to charity changing and what fundraising and communications mechanisms are prospective supporters comfortable engaging with?

What if you had the answers to these questions – and many more – at your fingertips? How could you use these insights to reach your audience and grab their attention with timely relevance?

This latest release of our public research, the new Public Sentiment Tracker, has been developed to track broader public sentiment, beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and into the future, as a powerful public insight resource for charities.

On a weekly basis, you will be able to attend a live briefing in which we will explore up-to-the-minute public insights to help you and your charity understand more precisely what people care about, and how to capture their attention at key moments.

You will also receive a full report of insights and recommendations to help your charity’s teams, across all departments, achieve relevancy and cut through for improved supporter experiences and results.

As we move out of the pandemic, insight into public feeling remains as critical as ever.

Robust research

We are working with respected research partners with whom we run our loyalty benchmarking service.

Our Public Sentiment Tracker provides you with:

· A nationally representative sample of 2,000 members of the public.

· Specifically including around 1,150 charity donors.

· Week-by-week trackable research, since March 2020.

· Fieldwork (online survey) conducted every Monday to Wednesday.

· Full reports available every Friday.

· Regular weekly briefing and planning workshop at noon each Monday.


Our weekly survey includes the following themes and much more:

· Focus and attention – What are people focused on and how can you connect and grab their attention?

· Issues of the day – What do people care about and who are they looking to for solutions?

· How people are feeling – How optimistic are people feeling and how can you make sure your communications are heard?

· How people are behaving – How is sentiment reflecting people’s behaviour and how is this changing how they are impacting with charities?

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