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Why a new Public Sentiment Tracker?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

- Try a FREE one-month trial

With so much going on in the world and in people’s lives, it’s absolutely critical to know how people are thinking right now.

How charity supporters and potential supporters are feeling about the current news headlines and the key issues that are changing the world around them …and how this is impacting their feelings and behaviour towards charitable giving and community support.

Or even which causes they’re leaning towards this week, and how comfortable they’re feeling about engaging through different channels?

Imagine how this could enhance the way you communicate, engage and fundraise to deliver improved experiences and better results.

We launched our new Public Sentiment Tracker on Wednesday 15th September with a special one-hour webinar, including:

  • Live research findings, current public insights and implications for charitable support in the coming months.

  • How to use insights to refocus communications, engagement and fundraising to improve supporter experiences and campaign results.

  • Scope and Shelter UK share how they have used Tracker insights, changing their communications programmes to reflect public sentiment with stunning results and long-term impact.

  • New Public Sentiment Tracker - developed to track broader public sentiment beyond the pandemic and into the future as a valuable charity communications resource.

  • Q&A time to ask your questions about working with insight pertinent to your charity.

Plus a FREE no-obligation four-week trial of our new Tracker, which includes four weekly reports and four exclusive live briefings with About Loyalty’s directors Roger Lawson and Richard Spencer.

Tracking public sentiments - the story so far

In March 2020, as the country prepared for a national lockdown, no one really knew what was going to happen and what the impact might be.

There were real fears about how charities might be affected. Whether people would actually reach out and offer help or batten down the hatches and cancel their support.

We decided to start tracking how people were feeling by surveying 2,000 people – every single week and across the country.

We developed deep insights into what affects how people feel and how this impacts their behaviour towards charities and charitable support.

And this knowledge enabled us to support and advise charities, helping them to make informed decisions and to adapt their communications and fundraising. It gave them an appropriate tone and relevancy that meant they could connect with their audiences more effectively than ever, at this critical time.

Critical insight for cut through in a busy world

As time went on, our research showed that public sentiment is sensitive to everything that is going on in our world.

Covid-19 has not gone away and still influences people today. But as we move out of the pandemic toward our ‘new normal’, insight into public feeling around other influences remains critical for the most relevant and effective communications and fundraising.

Our newly developed Public Sentiment Tracker shifts the focus from COVID-19, while we still explore the impact of the pandemic our weekly research is now taking a broader view. It goes deeper to help charities understand more precisely what people care about, how this fits in with their daily lives and how to capture their attention at key moments.

To hear more and to discuss trying a FREE one-month trial of the Public Sentiment Tracker don't hesitate to contact us, or simply fill out the form here:

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