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where we’re passionate about understanding, inspiring and growing loyalty

Supporter loyalty is about stirring up passion and inspiring supporters; making them feel good, deeply connected to the cause and a valued part of our work towards a better world. And our research has proven that growing  loyalty leads to greater and more sustainable giving.

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The definitive case for growing supporter loyalty

Launched Monday 13th June 2022 - our latest report shares learnings from the largest ever study into supporter loyalty. Download your free copy to read:


  • NEW evidence proves that growing loyalty grows income. Just a one point increase in supporter loyalty over three years leads to:

    • 20% more income 

    • 15% more donors continuing to give

    • 9% more legacy pledges

  • What this means for fundraising and communications programmes.

  • How these charities have been using the insights to drive growth:
    The Woodland Trust, Barnardo's, Shelter, Cancer Research UK, National Deaf Children's Society.

The definitive case for growing supporter loyalty - New report - About Loyalty
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