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Welcome to About Loyalty...
where we’re passionate about understanding, inspiring and growing loyalty

Supporter loyalty is about stirring up passion and inspiring supporters; making them feel good, deeply connected to the cause and a valued part of our work towards a better world. And our research has proven that growing  loyalty leads to greater and more sustainable giving.

The power of thanking – a masterclass in gratitude
Tuesday, 21 March, 15:00 - 16:00 GMT

Join our free masterclass in gratitude where we celebrate and explore the importance of showing gratitude, and the impact this has on long-term growth of income and support.

We’ll share some key principles as shared by SOFII and showcase excellent examples of gratitude in practise from charities including Diabetes UK, The Leprosy Mission and Shelter.

We will be providing useful hints and tips and opening the discussion to cover your most burning questions.

Join us for a high-energy hour and leave with more insights into the power of thanking. You’ll gain immediate actions to start using straight away and plans to consider for long-term loyalty and fundraising strategies.

All helping to grow your supporter loyalty.

Unable to attend the live session? Not to worry! By registering for the event, you will be notified as soon as the recording is made available.


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