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About Us

About Loyalty is a unique research-based consultancy specialising in supporting non-profits through the study and implementation of supporter insight in order to grow supporter loyalty.


We know how important loyalty is to supporters and the charities they support. Those with high loyalty are much more likely to give again. In fact, our research shows that increasing the three main drivers of loyalty by one point leads to more retained donors, more income and more supporters intending to leave a legacy.


Our directors, Roger Lawson and Richard Spencer, are passionate about the science of loyalty and turning that into practical and powerful growth. 

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Roger Lawson

Roger Lawson helps charities create and implement supporter experience strategies that excite and inspire donors to give… and keep giving!


Roger’s approach is based on his passion for understanding the personal motivations why donors give to the charities they do. He’s as happy as a pig in muck when he’s speaking to donors to understand and measure the emotional connection they have with the charities they support; building segmentation models to help charities understand their different audience needs; developing propositions that inspire giving and legacies; or designing supporter experiences that grow long-term loyalty and value.


Roger has held senior fundraising positions at Feed the Children and WWF, been strategy director of Cascaid and GOOD Agency (two of the UK's most innovative and successful fundraising agencies) and now enjoys working directly with charities and universities.


He’s on the steering groups for the Chartered Institute of Fundraising's Supporter Experience and Insight in Fundraising groups, is a board member for the annual Fundraising Convention and is a judge of the Donor Experience Award at the National Fundraising Awards.


Richard Spencer

Richard started out his working life in the commercial sector, as a consultant focused on delivering growth for companies from a range of sectors including financial services, healthcare and technology. He moved on to work as a private motorcycle instructor and music teacher (not simultaneously).


It was after this that he started working with charities (in the late 20th century). He combined his person-centred approach from teaching with his experience of building strategies for growth as a consultant and brought these to a range of charities, helping them achieve growth by putting the supporter experience at the heart of strategies and plans.

Before About Loyalty, and amongst others, he worked with Goalball UK, Plantlife International, RSPB, Greenpeace, Birdlife International, The Children’s Society, Scope, Raleigh International, The British Horse Society, The South West Wildlife Trusts and was the Director for the Commission on the Donor Experience.

Richard is passionate about helping charities put supporters at the heart of their plans, strategies and approaches. Loyalty is key to achieving this.

He was born in Manchester, recently moved to Norfolk, supports Manchester City and spends too much of his time taking pictures of his three pups in various positions around the house.

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