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Roger Lawson

Roger Lawson helps charities create and implement supporter experience strategies that excite and inspire donors to give… and keep giving!


Roger’s approach is based on a passion for understanding the unique, personal motivations why their donors choose to give. He helps organisations use this insight to build strategies that inspire donors and create organisational cultures that put supporter needs at the core of their decision making.


Roger has held senior fundraising positions at Feed the Children and WWF, been strategy director of Cascaid and The Good Agency (two of the UK's most innovative and successful fundraising agencies) and now works directly with charities and universities as a consultant.


He’s on the steering groups for the IOF Supporter Experience and Insight in Fundraising groups, is an IOF Convention board member and is a judge of the Donor Experience Award at the National Fundraising Awards.


Richard Spencer

Richard helps organisations grow customer loyalty. Because commercially it makes sense.

Many organisations understand that it's important to grow loyalty, but don't know where to start.

Richard helps charities, membership organisations and social enterprises put in place the relevant tools and approaches to grow loyalty, giving quick wins and longer term solutions.

Richard has held senior positions at RSPB, Scope and The Children's Society and has been a trustee for three other charitable organisations. He is also on the steering group for the IOF Supporter Experience group.

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