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The COVID-19 Sentiment Tracker is a weekly survey:

  • A nationally representative sample of 2,000.

  • Specifically including around 1,150 charity donors.

  • Ongoing now since before lockdown.

  • Full reports available every Tuesday.


Topics covered include:

  • The gritty, practical impacts on people's daily lives.

  • How they are feeling and specifically how this influences how they behave.

  • How it is affecting communities and families and which organisations are they turning to.

  • Priorities for charities and government, impacts on consumer confidence and the future.

  • The relative importance of causes and charities and the specific impact on charitable support.

  • Full attitudinal and demographic profiling.

Having an objective window into your supporters lives is critial while things are changing so quickly.

For full details and to take part, email or call and we’ll set you up.              07929 208848           07703 483220

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