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Increasing fundraising income by measuring, understanding and growing supporter loyalty

We are now accepting new charity members to take part in our Spring 2023 wave of research and benchmarking.

Apply now to join The Chase Index!

What is The Chase Index from About Loyalty?


The Chase Index is the world’s only established service that increases fundraising income by growing supporter loyalty.

It is based on unique research by About Loyalty, carried out over ten years, working with dozens of charities and over 400,000 donors. Through consistent and repeated benchmarking over this time, the true drivers of supporter loyalty have been identified and a proprietary measure developed. 


We can provide your charity with actionable insights to improve stewardship programmes, control costs and increase fundraising income.


What are the benefits of becoming a member?


The Chase Index provides charities with a vibrant membership community, sharing and growing together.


As a member your charity will be able to:

  • measure your supporters’ loyalty

  • understand why your supporters give to you and what makes them uniquely loyal to you

  • identify where your strengths are and, crucially, where your communications are not growing supporter loyalty

  • develop practical supporter experience and supporter journey strategies

  • benchmark your supporter loyalty, and measure the effectiveness of your communications in growing it

  • compare your loyalty scores to more than 30 other charities

  • grow your fundraising income

Is The Chase Index right for your charity?

Richard Spencer and Roger Lawson will be delighted to have a no obligation chat about whether your charity could benefit - simply fill in the form with your details and we'll be in touch.