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The definitive case for growing supporter loyalty

Over a period of 10 years, we conducted the largest ever research study into charity supporter loyalty, providing the concrete evidence that proves growing supporter loyalty improves donor retention and increases income. In creating a unique measure for supporter loyalty we were able to show that —


Just a +1 point increase in supporter loyalty over 3 years can lead to

  • 20% more income,

  • 15% more donors continuing to give, and

  • 9% more legacy pledges.


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This report represents the largest ever research study into charity supporter loyalty, which we at About Loyalty carried out over a decade across 30+ charities and 50,000 supporters, measuring loyalty and behaviour over a three-year period. 

The results reveal irrefutable evidence:


Improving the supporter experience to grow loyalty increases retention, income, and legacy giving.
We’ve always known that the supporter experience is important, and this report proves it – meaning your case for support just got stronger! 
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