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Special focus: Donor love - Charity campaigns that give back

This month's Fundraising Europe Special focus feature saw the European Fundraising Association talk to charities about how they have put supporters front and centre during the Covid-19 crisis, and share insights from sector experts on how to grow donor loyalty. We're extremely pleased to have been asked to contribute:

For at least three decades, the charity sector been exploring the concept of relationship fundraising and working out how best they can put supporters at the heart of what they do. But it’s during the past year – with a pandemic shaking up the world around us and with nonprofits facing critical funding shortages – that we’ve seen some of the most exceptional and inspirational examples of supporter care.

In this feature, we round up four campaigns where organisations reached out to supporters to communicate how important they are. With no ask for funds and no expectation, the RNLI, DEBRA Ireland, the Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially-Sighted and Mercy in Action Onlus put supporters front and centre, uniting their donor communities with authentic heart-felt messaging.


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