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Apply to be our Customer Loyalty Lead

Deadline:   9th December
Salary:        £30,000-£40,000 pa, depending on experience
Benefits:     Include 25 days leave
Location:    Home-based

Job summary


Are you a talented project manager with excellent client services skills? Are you looking for an opportunity to make a big impact at a small, fast-growing company?


At About Loyalty, we're changing the way charities engage with their supporters. We're helping charities grow long-term loyalty. We’re making the experience better for supporters all around the world.


To support our next phase of growth, we’re looking to recruit our first-ever Customer Loyalty Lead. This role will be responsible for project managing our research and activities, supporting our charity clients and driving the company’s efforts to improve (and in some cases, create) its systems.


We have some exciting plans, and we need your help to make them happen. Come and be part of the team and improve the experience supporters have all around the world. 


Read the full job description below.


How to apply


Review the full job description below and then send an email to Roger Lawson and Richard Spencer attaching your CV along with a note about why this job excites you and why you are a good fit for the role.


Would you prefer to have a chat with us first to learn more? Send us email and we’ll arrange a time to chat. We can’t wait to hear from you!


About Loyalty is proud to be an equal opportunities employer. This means that we do not discriminate on the basis of anyone’s age, race, religion, colour, gender, disability, or any other basis protected under applicable law.

Come and join the only specialist supporter loyalty* agency… in the world


* This is what we do, but why? We're changing the way charities engage with their supporters. We're helping charities grow long-term loyalty. We’re making the experience better for supporters all around the world. The outcome of what we do is happier supporters, and more to spend on making the world a better and fairer place.


1. Why this role?


Our dream is that all of our charity friends (which includes members, clients and everyone else in the About Loyalty community) have an excellent experience every time they have any contact with us.


This means:


  • We inspire people. We pride ourselves in being experts in the science of supporter loyalty. We willingly share our expertise, our experience, our insights, our ideas and our passion. We hope that this inspires every charity to measure and grow their own supporters’ loyalty.

  • Our customers are delighted. We make the lives of our charity clients as easy and worry-free as possible by delivering everything we promise smoothly, without error and on time. And should anything go wrong, we resolve it speedily.

  • We have real impact. We exist to help charities provide a better experience for their supporters, which will grow loyalty and grow income – a win for the charities, for supporters and it’s a win for the beneficiaries and the causes we serve. We listen to our clients (their needs and their challenges) and we identify solutions with them. We help create big-picture change and pay attention to the details.


In the last eight years, we have researched over a quarter of a million charity supporters from 39 charities in the UK.


We have explored sixteen different emotional drivers of charity supporter loyalty and tested over 70 different statements that reflect people’s relationships with the charities they support.


We are preparing to launch in more countries around the world, we’re developing new products and services, we’re making it easier for more charities to measure loyalty, we’re developing new techniques for small and large charities and we’re creating communities, focused on sharing lessons and creating action plans.


Our ambition is big – we want to change the way charities all over the world inspire their supporters. But at the moment, there’s only two of us. We need you to join us, to be part of the team on our journey. And of course, to make sure that our friends have excellent experiences with us.


If this sounds exciting, come and join us and make a difference.


2. Key tasks and your role


2.1. Project management

We have a lot going on at any one time, so there’s a lot of project management. Some of this is regular, planned research, other aspects are more developmental and ad hoc.


Currently we run two large pieces of syndicated research every year, and you’ll play a vital role in making sure these run smoothly and accurately. This will include:

  • Liaison with our charity clients

  • Scheduling

  • Managing transfers of data

  • Setting up and testing surveys


You will also be key to us being able to deliver a range of other project-based work, that includes:

  • New product development

  • Consulting projects

  • Online and in-person events

  • Our growing and global community


Attention to detail is critical. You will need to be meticulous in the way you manage work.

You’ll need to be highly organised, process driven and challenging and improving (and in some cases creating) our systems. You’ll be happy organising projects, clients and, often, us! You’ll certainly be the sort of person that will leave no stone unturned.


2.2. And a front-line role

You’ll spend a lot of time with customers. You’ll be an interface, but not a gate-keeper… a key contact, but not the only key-contact.


You’ll be integral in identifying client needs and helping address them. You will be pro-actively making sure we deliver excellence in everything we do for our members and clients.


You’ll need to have great inter-personal and client handling skills. But more than that, you’ll need to have a passion for delighting clients and growing loyalty!



2.3. Successes indicators


We aim to practice what we preach. So, the first success factor will be an increase in the loyalty and satisfaction of our members and clients. Yes, we measure these, and yes we have proactive strategies to grow them.

This role exists because there’s only one each of Roger and Richard, and there are only so many hours in the day. This role will be successful if all three of us have more time available to be thinking about our clients’ needs so we can make a bigger impact for them and for the sector.

This role will also have been successful if we have more time to listen to and understand charities and we’ve increased both the quality and the quantity of our members’ and clients’ engagement with us.

3. About you

Obviously, experience is important. Ideally, you’ll have managed projects of this scale before. It would be great if these have been research projects. It would also be good if you have account management experience (either as someone who provides the service or receives it).

You’ll be highly organised, with the ability to manage multiple projects. And you’ll have excellent account management skills.


Given we’re a small, fast-growing company, things can change quickly and you’ll need to be comfortable working flexibly and creatively.


But aptitude and attitude are more important to us. We can teach you about research, about client servicing, about loyalty and what creates highly loyal supporters. But what we’ll expect from you above all else is a passion for charities and for supporter loyalty. A thirst for knowledge and understanding. A drive for delivering excellent client experiences. A pride in a job well done. And the pleasure we all get in knowing we’ve made a difference.


4. What we’ll offer you


We’re small, with lots of plans. We can’t offer you well-honed processes and systems and structure. Because that’s not the way the world gets changed!


But we can offer you the chance to join our very small team and be involved in everything. To learn, to drive us forward. And to have some fun along the way.


You’ll be one of the team, working really closely with Roger Lawson and Richard Spencer. One of our clients once said:


“Every time I talk to Richard Spencer or Roger Lawson I learn SO MUCH. Kings of making the psychology of giving something you can actually use in practice. Thank you both for making my week :)”


Come and join us.


We will reward you for being part of the team with a salary in the range of £30-£40,000 pa, depending on experience.



5. What happens next?


We have some exciting plans, and we need your help to make them happen. Come and be part of the team and improve the experience supporters have all around the world.


Are you interested?


If so, do drop either of us a line to say so, and we’ll be happy to talk to you about the role and our aims in more detail.


Or if you already know enough, please send us your CV along with a note about why this job excites you. We can’t wait to hear from you.


Appendix 1: About Loyalty


Who are we?

About Loyalty exists to help charities change the way they think about loyalty – to remember that at its heart, loyalty is the passion a supporter feels for the charity, driven by their commitment to what you do, their satisfaction in the way you communicate with them and their trust in you to deliver what you promise.


Our vision is to change the way charities engage all their supporters (and fundraise) right around the world.


We want to grow our reach and have more impact with some of the biggest charities in the UK. And we want to take what we know and help charities around the world.


And it’s not only big charities. Yes, we help those charities that have the biggest programmes, and the biggest impact on how people feel about charities. But we also want to help small charities, the bedrock of our sector, so we’re developing more services specifically to help them.


Our goal is that every charity puts supporter loyalty at the heart of their supporter communications strategies. That they focus on growing long-term supporter loyalty rather than chase short-term targets; that they measure the impact of what they do on supporter loyalty; and that they develop supporter experiences that grow loyalty and maximise long-term supporter value.


Companies measure and value customer loyalty. It has been proven to drive profits.

Every charity should measure supporter loyalty. It has been proven to drive impact.


We are working to shift thinking in the charity sector, so that charities deepen their understanding of supporter loyalty and are set up to grow loyalty and grow value. Only by doing this can charities achieve more of their own goals, missions and visions.


Fundamentally that’s what we’re all about. And we have a set of tools, resources, research, science, advice, insight and expertise to help charities on their journey to understanding and growing supporter loyalty.


What services do we offer?

About Loyalty offers a range of services to help charities change.


  • The Chase Index. Perhaps best known for The Chase Index, this annual membership helps charities grow income through growing loyalty. We help charities measure loyalty, diagnose the drivers of loyalty, prioritise areas for intervention and then put action plans in place to grow loyalty. We do this through a combination of research and analysis, workshops and tailored planning sessions.

  • Loyalty measurement. Growing loyalty is important for all types of supporters. We have developed the insights and methodology to provide tailored modules for measuring the loyalty of campaigners and volunteers and for monitoring legacy intentions.

  • Supporting charities through change. Ultimately, we’re here to help charities change, and we help them along every step of the way. The services above provide insight, and we add to this with bespoke research and analysis projects.


We help charities develop the culture, leadership and training required to put supporter loyalty at the heart of its plans. We help segment supporters according to their needs and attitudes, to develop supporter journey strategies, to review existing products and develop new ones, to review their messaging and so much more.


It’s exciting. It’s important. And it’s changing the world for charities, for supporters and for the beneficiaries that we’re all here to serve.

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