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Join the loyalty revolution… Join our team

We’re a small team with ambitious aims.

Our purpose is to help all charities grow their supporters’ loyalty and their long-term giving. We do this by giving every charity the insights to help them to create better experiences, the support to make changes based on this insight, and the tools to measure the impact of these changes. At the heart of all we do is our determination to understand the emotions that drive supporters to give, to volunteer and to campaign for the causes and charities that they care passionately about.


Our passion is to constantly seek to learn more about why supporters choose to support the charities they do, what they need and expect from the charities they support, and how they can feel excited about the change that they are enabling in the world. We do this with individual charities and for the entire sector.


Does that inspire you? Do you share our purpose and passion? Are you fascinated by the opportunity to deepen charities' understanding of what truly motivates supporters to donate, and to sustain their support over time? Or does the prospect of analysing the wealth of data we've gathered over the past decade, and ongoing, to uncover fresh insights excite you? If so, then come and join us and make a better world.

Current job openings:

We value our employees’ wellbeing – we operate a four-day week, with the entire team working remotely, and we offer five weeks’ annual leave, including Bank Holidays.

Data & Analysis Manager closing deadline Friday 22nd March


Research Specialist – closing deadline Friday 29th March

About Loyalty is dedicated to fostering a workplace environment without any form of discrimination or harassment. We expect every member of the About Loyalty community to play their role in nurturing and upholding an atmosphere where every individual has the chance to experience inclusion and is treated with the respect and dignity they merit.


We ensure that decisions regarding hiring, compensation, training and performance evaluation are conducted impartially, and we extend equal employment opportunities to all qualified candidates and employees. We continuously endeavour to provide an inclusive setting that extends a warm welcome to every employee and candidate.

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