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Join the loyalty revolution…Join our team

There are no job openings available at this time. Follow us on LinkedIn to be the first to hear about any new vacancies.

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We’re a small team with ambitious aims.

Our goal is that every charity puts supporter loyalty at the heart of their supporter communications strategies:


  • They will focus on growing long-term supporter loyalty, rather than chasing short-term targets.


  • They will measure the impact of what they do on the supporter experience, using their loyalty score.


  • And they will develop consistently excellent supporter experiences that grow loyalty and maximise long-term supporter value.

We have a set of tools, resources, research, science, advice, insight and expertise to help charities on their journey to understanding and growing supporter loyalty. And with these tools, we are shifting thinking in the charity sector, so that charities deepen their understanding of supporter loyalty and are set up to grow loyalty, grow value and achieve more of their own goals, missions and visions. Fundamentally, that’s what we’re all about.

Does that inspire you? Do you share our purpose and passion? Are you galvanised by using insight to take action and make change? If so, then come and join us and make a better world.

Our commitment to a positive workplace culture 

About Loyalty is dedicated to fostering a workplace environment without any form of discrimination or harassment. We expect every member of the About Loyalty community to play their role in nurturing and upholding an atmosphere where every individual has the chance to experience inclusion and is treated with the respect and dignity they merit.


We ensure that decisions regarding hiring, compensation, training and performance evaluation are conducted impartially, and we extend equal employment opportunities to all qualified candidates and employees. We continuously endeavour to provide an inclusive setting that extends a warm welcome to every employee and candidate.

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