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Fundraising beyond lockdown: a round up of useful research

We are delighted to have had our weekly Covid-19 Sentiment Tracker included in UK Fundraising's feature Fundraising beyond lockdown: a round up of useful research:

Much has changed since March 2020 and keeping their eye on the shifts in giving behaviour and donor views have been numerous organisations, from About Loyalty with its Sentiment Tracker, to Enthuse’s quarterly Donor Pulse, and Bluefrog Fundraising’s qualitative studies. Here is a round up of many of these resources, which can provide useful support to fundraisers as we look beyond lockdown.

About Loyalty Covid-19 Sentiment Tracker

About Loyalty has an ongoing weekly Covid-19 Sentiment Tracker based on a sample of nearly 1500 charity donors. It aims to help charities learn rapidly how the pandemic is affecting attitudes, impacting giving, and how and when that is changing, and covers sentiment towards Coronavirus and the way the government, local councils, charities, media and brands are dealing with it.


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