Helping charities re-start face-to-face

As you know, since before lockdown, we've been tracking the impact of COVID-19 on a weekly basis. Over the last 12 weeks, we've developed key insights and deep understanding into how people feel, what are their fears, expectations, focusing on charities, charity engagement and how COVID-19 is affecting donations.

One of the biggest impacts of COVID-19 on charities is the wholesale withdrawal from all face to face events, fundraising, engagement, retail, services etc.

With lockdown being eased, it has become an urgent priority to answer questions such as:

  • when is it going to be appropriate to re-start face to face? (in all its forms)

  • which activities should go live with first? community events? events like half-marathons? challenge events?

  • how will people feel about this? what will be their main concerns?

  • what's the best way to position this for our supporters and beneficiaries?

We've just introduced a new four-week module to the weekly tracker that will answer all of these questions and more.

We will provide you with four full weekly reports identifying the key trends, insights and recommendations along with comprehensive data sets for you to interrogate further.

In addition, we run a brief one-hour workshop each week (exclusive for participants) in which charities come together to share how they are planning to move forwards beyond COVID-19.

The first wave of this new research started on 11th June and as before, we are using a 2,000 representative sample of the UK public including on average 1,200 charity donors in each survey.

Each week's report and data will be produced and delivered to you on Tuesday following the research.

If you want to take part, email or call and we’ll set you up. 07929 208848 07703 483220


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