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Helping charities re-start face-to-face

We've been tracking the impact of COVID-19 on a weekly basis since March 2020. One of the biggest impacts of lockdown on charities has the wholesale withdrawal from all face-to-face activity.

As restrictions are eased over the coming months it's vital to understand:

  • when and how is it going to be appropriate to re-start face to face? (in all its forms)

  • which activities should go live with first? community events? events like half-marathons? challenge events?

  • how will people feel about this? what will be their main concerns?

  • what's the best way to position this for supporters and beneficiaries?

This year started out with optimism at rock bottom and people were feeling pretty bad. This improved rapidly over the first two months, which was reflected directly in people’s comfort with engaging with charities face to face.

However, this abruptly hit a ceiling in March. News stories were covering fears about vaccine safety and vaccine supply just at a time when the restrictions were being eased.

Our weekly tracking will ensure that you are hitting the right note with all in-person activity.

We provide weekly reporting, with key trends, insights and recommendations along with comprehensive data sets .

Every Monday, we run a one-hour workshop in which charities come together to share how they are planning to move forwards beyond COVID-19.

If you want to take part, email or call and we’ll set you up.


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